Desarrollamos proyectos integrales
What do we do?

We develop full projects development and management

No matter where you are located, we offer full project development and management. 

Also, KLUMEX belongs to a group of companies with headquarters in Europe and America, dedicated to development, manufacture and commercialization of multiple solutions for different industries. 

Your trusted industrial partner

Benefits of working with us

  • Full project development and management, we take care of the design, the manufacture and the logistics of the project

  • Our main focus is giving the best service to our clients

  • We have total control of the productive process and the final product


Design, manufacture and innovate organization’s inspirations taking close care of the details, making their lives easier and more profitable through plastic Injection and metal stamping.

That details become the focus when creating products that generate the best experiences.

  • We keep our promises
  • Constant search for win-win situations
  • Good is not enough
  • Team Work

Can we help you develop your project?

At KLUMEX our priority is giving the best service to our clients, that is why we accompany them throughout the entire project development. Also, our plastic injection and metal stamping expertise allows us to advice our clients to reach the best cost-benefit relation.

They trust us