Plastic Injection Molds and Stamping Dies

Guarantee the durability and precision of your metal and plastic parts.

Molds and Stamping Dies

Power your production

Using advanced technology and last generation machinery, we manufacture enduring and precise plastic injection molds and stamping dies.

Eficienta tu produccion moldes

We offer full project development and management for your molds and stamping dies

Our integral approach guarantees that you get molds of the highest quality, specifically adapted to your needs. We use cutting – edge technology and efficient processes to optimize production and guarantee exceptional results.

Design and development

Engineering changes

Repairs and maintenance

Proceso de herramental

Tooling manufacturing process

We develop the part optimizing its use in production and we also perform a study of the most appropriate materials to use in the production.

Considering the developed product, our engineers design the tooling.

In our mold manufacturing workshop we count with the necessary equipment for the plate, components and parts machining: CNCs, EDMs, milling and grinding machines and lathes.

We perform tests to release the final tooling and metal or plastic parts.

We can guarantee up to 1,000,000 pieces for each cavity avoiding maintenance costs for our clients.

We offer the best solutions

Develop your idea with us to ensure the functionality, performance and quality of your project.

Quote your project with us.

  1. 3D piece design (*.Step, STP or IGS), a mechanical plane or a physical piece.
  2. Desired annual and monthly volume
  3. Required material and weight weight
  4. Does it currently have a mold in existence?